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oh, well we had some of that too Dude, when you put it that way. We used "num-nums" for all food, bottle, breast and foods when they started, snacks, etc...but also, like you are saying, you're using "regular words" then the cute "baby" word. A few of the mispronunciations we let slide too because they were just cute, especially when jumbled up in a more advanced sentance.
It also sounds like you were very tuned in to what she needed and was trying to communicate to you. That's special smile Not all parents are "listening", kwim?

DW and I were just discussing yesterday how special her early malapropisms are to us, and we try to keep them alive. They became a part of our own lexicon.

The weirdest one was this sound she made in the back of her throat VERY early (like 2 months or so), something like, "gnnn-gnnn." We assumed this was her way of saying she was tired, because anytime she made this noise, we'd hand her her blankie, she'd seize it and curl up, and if we were home, we'd put her to bed, with no fuss. Fast forward a year and a half, and she stunned me with this phrase, "Dada! Where gnnn-gnnn go?" It turned out that "gnnn-gnnn" was the blankie all along. Looking back, I'd have to say that makes it her first "word," beating "Dood-le-bop!" by approximately a month and a half.

She still has one of her two original gnnn-gnnns, which she keeps in her bed amid that mass of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals she sleeps among. We told her about the story, she laughed, and began referring to that particular blanket as her gnnn-gnnn. And so it lives on.

Meanwhile, we're in a house where the adults announce the need to "peepee potty!" and prepare "monkey and cheese."