I met with DD9's teacher for parent-teacher interviews today. She had a lot of positive things to say, which was a nice way to start the conversation :-) She related that she was impressed with DD's memory. She was asked to write an autobiography as a writing assignment in class. It took her a really long time... she asked to spend recess indoors to work on it. After it was three weeks overdue (she gets extra time as an accomodation) her teacher asked if she was almost done and she replied, "Well, I just finished grade 1 so I only have two more years to go." She ended up writing a three page, typed, single-spaced, incredibly detailed autobiography... from her premature birth to the death of her dogs when she was two to her very detailed difficulties in grade primary. She only got a B on the assignment because, honestly, it was poorly written in a literal sense. I, on the other hand, wanted to do cartwheels because my dyslexic, ADHD daughter who HATES to write worked hard on something and went above and beyond to do her best.

When I told her how proud I was she said, "Mom, a B in writing is like an A to me!"
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