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DD, 7.5, is reading Little Women. She saw a play version this summer and has been asking to read it--I finally remembered that I do have a copy. I thought for sure that she would put it down right away, but no. She read some aloud to me today for school (she has to read aloud for homework) and I found that it is actually a lot more age-appropriate and engaging than I remembered, but still, it's quite the grown-up tome for a second-grader.

DD9 read Little Women last year and loved it. She enjoys historical novels better than any others. What a great book, I remember reading it three or four times when I was younger!

The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder are good. I loved mine so much, I've kept them and hope my son will enjoy reading them like I did. There's a lot of fascinating lessons to be learned from them.