I really want to post here. I only know this stuff is somewhat ahead (according to baby books.) I have had some other people remark that she seems very advanced. I don't really tell them this stuff, though. I want to tell someone besides DH!

DD will be 9 months in a week. I can come up with at least 25-30 words and commands that I know for certain she understands (commands - come here, put that there, wheres the noun?, find the, give that to me, throw the ball, go get the, turn the page, clap, etc.), but she still is only saying mama for me and "mabwa" for milk and for when she wants to drink my water out of my glass.

Oh, and she signed "milk" the other day (The same day she finally clapped and showed me she knows the word clap without me clapping) and has signed "potty" before when I was taking her to the potty for awhile.

She is almost walking completely alone and walks across the room occasionally. She understands how to put shapes in a shape sorter. She likes to take my glasses off my face and last night I said "Put them back on" and she attempted to put them back on my face! Of course, her fine motor skills make it difficult for her to gets the shapes in / put my glasses on, but she does try. When I ask her to put puzzle pieces back down, or show her how to stack a block, she tries to drop the block or piece down where it goes, but isn't capable yet of getting it where she wants it.

Last night, she dragged her shapes book off her toy shelf and made me read it to her 8 or 9 times in the row. I'd tell her the name of the shape, then she'd turn the page. She let me name all the shapes on the last page, then made me start over again.

The other day I lifted the tray off the high chair and she proceeded to turn around and back down the high chair like she backs off our bed. I taught her how to back off the bed. I never taught her how to back down a high chair (I did have to catch her, as she is too short to land safely lol.)

I feel like a switch just flipped right after she took her first steps at 8 months. I felt like she wasn't listening to me before, but now it is obvious she is listening to my words and understands and wants to learn more.

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