I asked DS (almost 2.5) "where, between the ground and the clouds, do you think the sky starts?" (I was having a painterly moment, 'k).

He paused, looked, squinted a little. "The sky has no beginning" he says.

Now if he'd only said "It doesn't start," that would have been cute enough, but no, he HAS to say it poetically. Little squirt!

Ok, because I can't resist, two somewhat less brag-worthy stories... I tried to delete them, but I CAN'T.

Then there was the joke he made about someone's shirt which is sufficiently too complex for me to actually explain here, but suffice it do say it depended upon the marital law section of a 1000 year old code of laws I happen to make random reference to here and there, the fact that that code is no longer in effect, and the gender of the kid in the shirt. Um. Yes, it was a dirty joke, now that you ask. And yes, all the adults around DID make me explain it. Whereupon it became clear he _knew_ I was going to have to explain it! Little Squirt!

Meanwhile, he has moved his number-stuckness to 7. For a long time he was making it clear enough he understood fairly big numbers, but couldn't say "three," which lead to some confusion when enumerating. Now, he just refuses to acknowledge that "seven" is a number name... and says "eleven" instead, but then if he's counting more than 11 things, he goes back to 8 after 11, and looks increasingly confused each time he loops. Predictably, people have been setting him up for this, which comes out being incredibly cute -- which has led, predictably, to him counting EVERYTHING IN SIGHT whenever he thinks he might be about to get in trouble. Lil Squirt!

-Mich (who might, maybe, just possibly, be a little bit taken by the kid)

DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!