My son attends classes at a local middle school which has a gifted magnet, though he is not part of it. He tried it briefly, and decided it was not a good use of his time, and has been taking online classes instead. Consequently there are some kids who are under the impression that he is "not gifted material".
Recently he was bantering back and forth about band instruments with a few of the program kids. One, who is just kind of a snotty little thing in general, commented that his choice of instruments would not get him into college-- to which he said "Carnegie Mellon, Notre Dame, Simon Fraser, VMI..."
"Oh, like you have a chance of getting into those!" <hairflip>

Funny thing is, he's far ahead of the magnet program in math, and does quadratic equations in his head (which I will assure you is not a trait inherited from me). He's ranked first in his class (including both the magnet and no). Perfect FCAT scores. But...y'know. He doesn't fit in the box our county deems "fits all gifted children", so he's the eyes of some of his schoolmates.
Fortunately, he's amused by it. We refer to it as "ninja gifted", because apparently no one can see him.

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