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After we were done the attorney/bank manager/smarty pants older gentleman (i don't recall what he did lol) started to interact with DS. He started to ask him the names of the shapes. When he didn't stump DS with the easy ones he moved to Octagon, Pentagon & trapezoid (that was his fave which he pronounced twapeeyoid, so cute!) so, finally he pointed to a starburst shape and gave him a "well, little mr smarty pants, what's THIS one called?" and DS thought for a second and said "It's a polygon" Mr Grown-Up pretty much said "Ha! You're Wrong!" lol I wasn't going to get into with him but we giggled on the way home :P

This is a great story!

Your DS reminds me a lot of Mr W. Whenever an adult starts up a discussion with Mr W assuming he is a toddler, I want to reach for the popcorn.