DD15 was on a walk yesterday when she saw a dog near a creek that seemed extremely hot, wet, and dirty. She looked around, but couldn't locate the owner of the dog. She couldn't get the dog to follow her home, so she sprinted back home to get her cell phone (she had forgotten it) to try to call the phone numbers on the collar. When she arrived back, she whistled for the dog and it looked like it had left. After several minutes of looking around, she saw it all the way on the other side of the creek. She ran all the way around and was able to get a hold of the dog and call the number of the owner but he didn't answer. In addition to the owner's cell phone number, the dog had a tag and phone number for a microchip company, so she called that number and gave the dog's ID # (which was also on the tag), and the company was able to get her through to the owner somehow, who was frantic and said the the dog was actually deaf and only had half vision, and lived on the other side of an extremely busy street from where DD found her, which he is amazed she was able to cross, with her limited senses. The man drove up, retrieved the poor dog who had, apparently in a break-in attempt at the man's house (while he was at work), escaped, possibly many hours before, in the 102 degree heat. The man gave her *100 dollars* for the ordeal. (which she refused at first, but he explained that the dog was all he had, and that she probably wouldn't have survived much longer with her health problems, and practically forced it on DD) She went into it just wanting to help the dog and reunite it with the owner, and ended up walking away with a good little cash reward. I know anyone could have done something like that, and it was mostly just luck that it happened, but I still couldn't be prouder of her actions and her perseverance with the whole ordeal.