On the way home from Violin class two weeks ago, Aiden (4.5 yrs) asks me what's 1 million plus 1 million. I say "2 million". after a short silence he says "so you add the numbers up and then put the word on the end - hundred, thousand, million" I was quite impressed that he made that association. Then he asked me to give him an example to work out. So i say "what is 2 plus 2" he answers 4. I say "what is 200 plus 200?".

He says um... and before he can answer - in that breath of a second it took to get his answer out, Nathan (2.5) says from behind his dummy (pacifier) "400". poor aiden was unimpressed that his brother stole his moment.

I was just giggling and trying to hide my obvious delight and amusement.
Mom to 3 gorgeous boys: Aiden (8), Nathan (7) and Dylan (4)