We have been having a terrible time with DD3 lately (horrible tantrums, fighting, outright defiance etc.), so this is huge in our house right now.

Starting Sat. afternoon, the girls found DH's old matchbox cars and some track. They made more ramps and raced cars around the house all afternoon, all day Sunday AND all morning today! Not once was there a fight, squabble, or even a raised voice -other than in excitement. They added all sorts of other stuff to their ramps and made jumps and bumps and silly tunnels for the cars to go through. They started asking if they could get more track so they could make bigger and better stuff. DH was ready to say no when I came up with the idea that if they did a bunch of chores this week maybe they would be able to earn enough money to buy some. So far we have had them helping make lunch, setting the table, cleaning off the back porch, cleaning up their rooms (including throwing away junk and donating books)! They have both done all that has been asked without moaning or groaning and have asked for more to do!