Great stories, people. kathleen'smum, your son is adorable.

DS nearly-6 adapted well to his grade skip to 1st. He decided on his own initiative to make a thank-you present for his K teacher at the end of the year. It's ankylosaurus-based, but then he went a little nuts with spikes on top of spikes:

In a lot of ways he is starting to show increasing speed, to the extent that he often thinks his way to a problem solution faster than me. It can be a little daunting, although I usually feel better when I remind myself that I can easily beat him at arm-wrestling. A small example: tonight he just did this problem in about a minute, less time than it took me to read and understand it enough to start on the solution (after a long day and sundry other rationalizations, lol):

"Who is lying and who is telling the truth?

There are exactly three truth tellers among five people.
Person A says that Person C is telling the truth.
Person B says that Person A is lying.
Person C says that Person B is lying.
Person D says Person B is telling the truth.
Person E says Person D is telling the truth."
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