DS 2yr 9mo had his follow-up speech assessment today. He was a late-talker and we went through a program this past spring to encourage language development. It really was a bunch of hooey, in my opinion, but it coincided with his language explosion so they are taking the credit, LOL. Anyway... he totally kicked butt! I was so proud of how well he paid attention and interacted. The SLP just kept going and going and at the end was flipping through the assessment a few pages at a time until she gave up somewhere around 4 yrs of age for comprehension. His language was pretty close behind. He will still need to be followed for a few phonetical sounds, but otherwise he has made great progress.

At the end, I could see him hitting the wall. Finally he looked at her and said in his lispy little voice "Litbit" (her name was Elizabeth) "I all done. I need apple juice and a bear paw now." I told him that he did a great job and he smiled and said, "Yes, now I done like dinner." I could just squeeze the stuffing out of him sometimes.
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