I'm going to say too much so I'll try to cut it into a couple of posts.
I was raised fanatically religious. There wasn't really terms related to gifted issues flowing freely, back in the day.
I would say that giftedness is a stronger spirit. That's all the vocabulary I had to describe what I was seeing. As a new mom, someone online told me that was a terrible thing to say, and, how offensive to the non-gifted, and, what if my kids aren't as gifted as I think. They said, "Logically, if I think giftedness is a reflection of the spiritual, then I would think less of my children if they weren't as gifted as I assume, if I was to equate giftedness with depth of substance." That's what someone assumed I would feel. But I always used to say that there's not a heck of a lot of difference between the highest IQ and the lowest IQ human as compared to the difference between human and God. That assumption that someone said would logically follow how I'd feel if my kids weren't very gifted, according to their interpretation of the logical end of my belief in giftedness as a solid level of substance and something close to spiritual. Their logical ending of my thought had nothing to do with my own internal sequence of what that belief would lead to. ((google Davidson gifted forum + Carol Dweck to find out where my thoughts & feelings end up from that idea.))
Anyway that Giftedness facet that I was calling spiritual ... Here's 2 more descriptions of what other people called it..
1.) My hubby said of our son, as soon as he knows enough to understand the question, he always gets the answer. 2.)The other explanation I clipped from TWTM today because they said it better too-

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