This thread, like the one I started about bragging, began with very good intentions. As parents of gifted children, we've all realized in that in many ways our children had unique qualities early on. But to start calling children who are not gifted subhuman, totally weird, glazed... I can't help but think it's to be provocative. And I don't get that.

I'm not gifted.

I also doubt I was subhuman as a baby. Or maybe I am simply deceiving myself. Maybe other parents did think I was glazed and totally weird. Glad I'll never know.

It's one thing to talk freely about our gifted children on a gifted forum.

It's quite another to mock and degrade those who are not. That pretty much scrapes the bottom of the barrel of common decency.

I've found wonderful help here on theses forums, but the snide, nasty remarks that seem to flow quite freely these days make it far less likely that I'll remain an active part of this online community.