I think the thing I noticed most about other kids (and, I confess, sometimes envied) is that they just seemed so much more content with less - and I don't mean stuff. Less questions before they were satisfied with the answer given. Less negotiating over the terms of the deal, whatever it was they were asking for permission to do. Less making up new rules to games to make them harder. Less "pushing" to do something.

My kids, as much as I cherished them and being home with them all day, were often exhausting for me, because their minds were quicker, their needs more intense and their physical endurance longer than mine. I literally have the lowest IQ in the house, and I think as an ungifted mom raising three gifted kids and married to a gifted husband, I often envied other mothers who weren't pushed beyond themselves on a daily basis. I now know that thanks to them, I've grown tremendously in ways I wouldn't have pushed myself, and love each of them dearly, but when they were toddlers, there were days ... smile