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How would you describe what you're noticing about Other People's Kids if you were planning on discussing the observation with your kid?

(I'm on the right track. I'll get there.)

It's actually good to think about, because if you notice it your observant kids will too, and knowing kids they'll blurt it out in the middle of the grocery store. May as well figure out a nice way to say it so we can talk to our kids about it rather than shutting them up when they say it.

I'm going to respond, because I feel like we're not responding directly to one another much in this thread. lol.

Yes. How do we find a polite, grown up way to observe something and discuss it with someone else (like a child), if we need to?

This is exactly something a child might notice.

Let me try. I came home from 1st grade and asked my mom why the other kids were so "stupid" and "Why can't they read?" I don't think she gave me a very good response.

But what could we say to a child when she notices her peers seem slower or don't know what she knows yet?

Everyone learns at their own pace?
Some children need to learn about things a few times, but you learn things after seeing them once or twice?

I'm out of ideas. The conclusion the child will come to will inevitably be..."Oh, I'm faster at learning and those kids are slower." And it would be a correct conclusion, but a rude way to say it out loud.

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