I don't read it either. I read here, twtm, fb, my emails, occasionally The Stir, and a whole load of Amazon Reviews. Just saying I was shocked to read Mr. W being mocked. I've never seen anything mockworthy posted by that family. And the hygiene was a reminder that they're not real strict here about it only being gifted 24/7.
I meant for it to be a reminder that the forums are public. Sadly, it proved the other issue of, "why do they get to relax and post about other peoples flaws, and that other article "I'm annoyed by gifted people", or whatever. Why do they get to say that, yet we shouldn't post that other people's babies are slow? Feels like the old, "you should know better because you're smarter than they are. We expect more out of you". Right?! Ouch, those two sentences sting.

But do we want the right to be crude in our discussions of other groups of people, like them? I like that this forum has a lot of down to earth, sensible people with a lot of down to earth ways to implement and apply them.

And now iM starting to feel a little guilty because I'm all talk, talk, talk -and I might have just de-railed an entire thread, which nice regular posters wanted to have and would have been interesting to read, I'm sure. I might have just waited and watched and threw out a story of my own and been part of a conversation instead. Sometimes, I'm "too smart for my own good". Which is a nice way of saying I have a big mouth and I know it all. Darn.
My apologies to 1111 & Annette. I over-reacted.
I'm having a Dabrowski's moment.

Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar