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If someone stumbles in from google and doesn't get it or gets offended... then they are having a different experience in life and that is just fine.

(I've been enjoying a glass of Sangria, so I hope this comes out right.)
I just sipped my valentines bottle of Patron coffee bean Tequila . Um.., glass of wine too.  Annette and Island, I was going to talk to you guys too, because we're the main ones posting in this thread that are Native to the preschool forum.  Annette. I wanted to say your posts sounded just like mine when I was a new-to-the net mommy the year before last... I was all ..."and how can y'all tell me to be nice when y'all ain't being nice to me..and practice what you preach". 

Just commiserating.  Only mine wasn't here it was at what I thought was a kind hippy mamma forum.. Eek!  Not to other mothers (me) they weren't kind.  Turned out not to be hippies either.  Just offering you a little sympathy when everybody's rudely telling you your opinion's rude.  Also, I 've posted recently that I resent how  other people's Faults are OK, but mine aren't.  I'm not sure if that's because of the global tradition of, "you're smart, so you know better but other people don't (have to).". Or if I'm over-reacting and taking it to heart too much, ie, the pain of perfectionism.   
oMg!  I just admitted all the nonsense from my posts previous to this point were not wine-induced because they were before the nightcap.  .

How was Y'alls Valentine? I got a basket floral arrangement with various flowers plus some roses in it. I teased the hubby- look. I got old married lady flowers. I showed him on Facebook a newlywed relative's bouquet, all red with a red balloon. Look. She she got a new wife's bouquet.

I've found that forums with lots of moms generally have lots of judgment and other stuff flying around... but then, so do other forums I've seen. People just feel free to say things online they wouldn't say in person or in a crowd of different types of people.

I lol'd about the newlywed roses. My bouquet came from the grocery store and includes no roses, but I don't mind. It has all my favorite colors. I cleaned a few rooms in the house for my husband's gift. He was very happy. As you know, I'm no Flylady. We're so romantic haha.

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