Not to be Debbie Downer, but numero Dos was far more intense and challenging than our eldest. That's why there's no numero tres!

Ds came out of the womb ALL BOY. He'd run across the dining room and the family room at high speed and perform a full superman leap onto dd who was playing with her dolls, minding her own business. He started this as soon as he could walk. By 18 months of age he had found and removed every child lock with a toy screwdriver - thanks Bob The Builder.

He hit, he bit, he scratched, he had temper tantrums and like his sister, he rarely slept. He had a sensory issue. He was allergic to a gazillion things. And he had a severe speech disorder resulting in us understanding him 17% of the time.

We were exhausted. But it was worth it. He was also cuddly, sweet and oh so loving.
And he's now a mature 12 year old who has good leadership qualities and is friendly and kind. And after years of therapy, private and public, we rarely can't understand him.

Wasn't sure we would ever get to this point. And now sometimes I miss that chubby, bossy 3 year old.