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At my daughter's first birthday, a friend (without kids of his own) remarked that she had a look about her like he could teach her something. He's no closer to me than to many of the other parents at the party, so I don't think he was being biased.

Another friend used the term "expressive" to describe her many faces when she was just a few months old.

When kids in that age range have visited, I've often wondered when they were going to stop putting everything in their mouths. Both of my kids started bringing their discoveries to an adult at an early age, rather than putting them in their mouths.

I'm still waiting for the mouthing to stop. She is doing it much less frequently than before, but still doing it. It might be because she only had 4 teeth until she was 12 months and just now has 7 and 8 coming in on the bottom?

She can draw a straight line with a crayon, but then follows up by trying to chew on it. Maybe the edible crayons I bought her (made with natural stuff) smell too good!