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This thread has taken a turn since I checked in last! Like I said at the beginning, I do know that people commented on dd13's alertness regularly when she was a baby but I don't know that I was noting other babies' lack of alertness or viewing them in a negative light. Dd was, and is, different, but not better.

I do think that is it very valid to discuss things that stand out about gifted kids and also probably much kinder to avoid characterizing ND children by comparing them negatively to those differences.

FWIW, I, too, took lucounu's post as tongue in cheek since that's one that has come up as judgemental.

I agree with this. And re: lucounu's post--I do have a sense of humor, and I totally get that it was tongue in cheek--it was sort of the cumulative effect of the word choices leading up to it.

For whatever it is worth and getting back to the OP--my gifted dd11 was incredibly alert as an infant, and the word my mom used to describe her the most even when she was only a few weeks old and still several weeks away from her due date was intense.