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Disdain of others, by contrast, is usually hurtful. I can't see the point of it.

I couldn't agree more (as many of my previous posts state).

First day out-of-the house after a nasty bout of flu. I'm feeling much better and I'm enjoying more head clarity. ~sigh~

deacongirl, and others,
I'm truly sorry for being harsh in my arguments with you.

Clearly, I was using a sledge hammer to get my points across (and not just with you). It was both ineffectual and insensitive. There is some hypocrisy in this which I find kind of funny given my arguments. But you know, I like to practice what I preach--turning my critical eye on myself. lol.

I blame flu-derived grumpiness + the frustration you feel in a conversation when both people are talking, but only one person is listening.

Being gentle when frustrated and grumpy is something I do need to work on. wink

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