Boredom has been a topic around here. Some people say babies can't be bored, but with both kids, that seems to have been by far the most common reason for crying. Gashes in the chin cause a little wimpering, but bordom once the blood stops flowing and you're still supposed to sit still for a few minutes. That causes Crying.

DS2mos is my incontrovertable proof that the universe never sends you more than you can handle. The child is zen incarnate. That said, we'd better darned well not try and stay home all day. That's the thing I notice most about my kids and my friend's kids that I'm pretty sure IS real... Mine needed to get out of the house starting at about 1 mo (DS1) and about 6wks (DS2). We just don't have the option of staying home all day. If we do everyone is bored to tears, shrieks, and wails, and tearing each other to peices by about 1pm. 2PM with television shows.

Also, other people leave musueums BEFORE closing time. This seems very alien to me wink

On continuous discussion with the kid in the cart: We resemble that comment. A lot. I remember I had no voice from about 7mos to about 20 mos with DS1. Just 'cause I had to talk that much. Continuously, all day. From the time he got his first word "Dat?" until he had enough words to talk BACK.

And, actually, I think there IS scientific proof. I'd look under "birth order..."


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DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!