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I read that human babies are unique because if you rustle leaves near a baby deer he'll startle, but you can run a chainsaw next to a baby human and they'll continue nursing, as long as the mother doesn't act startled.

There was nothing I this world more interesting to my first child that nursing, if she had to let go of the boob to see it, not worth seeing, she did of course make her best effort to take the boob with her.

Child the third on the other hand, is nearly 2 and has pretty much always had trouble maintaining her latch, as an infant she was more interested in screaming and nowdays she's too busy telling me about all the things she can hear or is thinking... No need for a chainsaw, she can hear a feather drop in the next room and she needs to talk about it far more than she needs to nurse or to sleep.

She regularly has weird conversations with people about "seeing the doggy" they say "there's no dog" then I stop and listen and eventually pick out a dog barking blocks away and have to explain "there's no doggy here, that doggy you can hear is somewhere else", all the while getting weird looks from the third party who still hasn't picked the dog noise at all.

That is interesting. DD can't talk yet.. but she will hear a dog barking outside or hear a car pass outside on our not that busy street and she will make the sign for dog and car (while the window is closed, even). She also signs bird any time any kind of bird is making noise outside and she hears it while inside. One of the first times she signed dog, she was looking at us on the patio and her Signing Time DVD said "dog" way in the background and she signed it. I wondered if she has hearing issues, but there is no way if she does this.

And she definitely wasn't a baby that would nurse through a chainsaw lol