I notice the "zombie" type look on kids around here too. Very different look in their eyes compared to what I see in mine. I thought for a while that I felt mine were more focused just because I KNOW my kids. But quickly that assumption was out the window. There is a huge, undeniable difference.

When DS4 was not even a year old he would be playing with a labyrinth toy at the play center we go to with a lot of other kids. The difference in focus was very apparent. The same now with DS2 (do not know yet if he is gifted too but I suspect)
I saw a video just recently of DS2 being about 10 minutes old. He was "sitting up" against my legs as I was laying down, eyes wide open, looking around...he looks like he is about 3 months old. At the time I didn't now anything different since DS4 was the same way. I also was not aware of the gifted concept. But it sure looks really funny to me now that I realize that is probably not normal....:-)

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