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The point is there's ways to say things. My own way of saying things has improved. That's not censorship, it's acquiring a vocabulary for things that we're really just starting to talk about. Grinnity has said we're inventing a vocabulary here because these things have not been talked about like every thing else in the world has. Some things don't have their own words yet.

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I just googled, "non-gifted kids are sluggish". No scholarly results came up to cite. But a search for "gifted babies are more alert" produced tons of websites. Isn't that the same thing?
I just thought it was interesting that tons of websites say "gifted babies are more alert" but none of them say "non-gifted babies are sluggish". Omg! Now if anyone googles those words they'll end up at this thread. Me and my big mouthed fingers.
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The point I was making is there's tons of articles on major websites and a bunch of little websites saying, gifted babies are more alert. None of them have said the words, "normal babies are more sluggish.". I wonder why that is. Are they all just chicken?

Or does that one little sentence lack the nuance to really describe what you're seeing. By itself the observation seems offensive. I'm sure the observation wasn't made in a vacuum. Maybe you can elaborate to provide what context you have noticed it in. Unless it only exists in your head as an idea that grew out of the "gifted babies are more alert" thought.

Back on topic. When I say, "what's the context you're seeing zombie babies in?" I mainly want to know if you think that about babies that you actually spend time with, or only babies you've seen in passing around town?

I've seen something that I might feel like calling glazed eyed zombie kids. Our library only does story time twice a week for a couple of weeks in the summer. The kids listen to the story. When the lady asks questions they are so slow to answer and the answers are a few words, not a few sentences. And it's at most 2-3 kids answering. Um., that's not zombie kids. There's a word for that we call, "disengaged". ND kids get it too. "Engaged" & "Disengaged" works on everybody. Of course, I'm comparing it to my childhood memories of kids in Sunday School were the teachers were engaging and the kids were better trained to be engaged.
Another context is sleepy kids or sick kids in public. You don't know.

If you still think you've seen something observable beyond sleepiness or disengagement or sickness that looks "glazed or sleepy". Then you're going to have to do a better job of describing what you're thinking about. Provide context beyond "I see a sleepy look on non-gifted kids". Are you saying their senses seem dull? How do you see that? Also, how do you know they're not lost in thought?

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