Welcome to the Congregation of Frustration! The devil is in the details and God is in the nuance. BTW, I am not religious. I'm just illustrating how we tend to use the words at our disposal to communicate about the things we've see when haven't really talked about them much. There's probably a more precise way than syfy creatures to describe, but we lack the words. I've got nothing against zombies. My own toddler girl is either a vampire or a werewolf. At first she didn't show up in a sonagram, so they said she was a blighted egg, a miscarriage. Then when she did turn out to be there we figured out she's a vampire or something, so she didn't show up on film. Then I've got several photographs that are not blurry that her eyes come out completely white, like a cave fish. It's happened on a couple cameras and different folks taking pictures. She has beautiful blue/brown hazel eyes.

Oh wait! They look like zombies because they drool & eat. So what are your kids? Orcs, because they hunt? ((oh, don't slip off into silliness...I could so go there. I've been trying to learn to use my Grown Up words.)) Arggh!

Actually, metaphorically is not a bad way to talk about these things. I just read at TWTM that's why they have their kids study classic literature- to have words and metaphors to join "the great conversation". (of which other peoples kids is a part, I'm sure. No snark. Literally). All the sci-fi and fantasy metaphors for political observations and observations about people in general. That's why the classics are classic, because the writers were gifted and they had something to say about people, but they had to make a story to say it because some things don't come across well in a sentence or two.

Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar