I agree it can offend some people and come off as judgmental, but I was just stating an observation.

Is it kind and politically correct to make that observation? Maybe not. But other babies do often look sleepy to us and that is just the way it is. I was honestly wondering if anyone else noticed that or if it is just a function of knowing your own child.

On the bragging thread, I pretty much said people can think whatever they want and that I'm going to try to be sensitive but I won't completely moderate what I say to please others.

Maybe I need to work on social skills or empathy or something, but I'm pretty happy with life right now and I accept who I am. I was a kid that got called "weird" or whatever because of traits I was probably born with. Kids couldn't put a finger on why they didn't like me (they said that)... they just didn't and thought I "thought too much" and did everything "too much."

Other parents are FREE to make the observation that the members of my family are "weird". Because, guess what? We may be weird to them. We inhale books like air and play "Guess the Latin word meaning" while driving somewhere. It might hurt my feelings a little, but they don't "get" us and it doesn't matter if they do. I probably don't get some of the things they do.

It hurt my feelings when I was younger, but it would have helped a great deal if my parents would have told me why the other kids didn't always "get" me.

One kid looking sleepier than another is apparently an observable phenomenon.

Saying- That child looks sleepier than mine is one thing. Saything "What an obviously dumb child." is another and I haven't heard anyone saying that.

What would be a judgment... is if, for example, I observed a toddler eating Mcdonald's and then negatively judged another parent for allowing that. I shouldn't judge, but I've done so much research that watching a toddler eat Mcdonald's would make me cringe. I'd rather start a thread and talk about whether it is right or not to judge in such a situation and if it is not right, how to keep ourselves from mentally judging (or doing so out loud.)

I think every person on the planet has judged other people before for making what they consider to be poor decisions.

Making honest observations (not in a purposely mean-spirited way) about how a person acts or is or talking about how other people make you feel (yes, even about the parents of gifted children when they inadvertently make you feel like your child doesn't measure up) is not necessarily a bad thing, imo.

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