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It seems to me that some of the posts on this thread cross (way over) the line and are looking down on other children for the way that they were born. I don't think we want to come across as looking down on others (?), yet I think this thread is doing just that.

Gifted babies are alert, especially exceptionally gifted ones. This difference between typical infants/children and gifted ones is probably due to faster brain development. This doesn't make them better, just different.

Describing a biological fact around others experiencing the same phenomenon is wonderful for those that have no other forum to discuss this in. My husband and I have had numerous doctors, relatives, teachers and friends comment on our son's differences in relation to other children. It can make you feel very alone. I loved how this thread allowed me to relate to others experiencing the same thing. I love that there is a forum where discussing this is acceptable.

I would hate for the freedom of speech allowed by this forum to be subverted by some idea that we need to be extra-sensitive to those with non-gifted children. In real life, that's all I do--constantly filtering my speech--and frankly, I need some breathing room. I need a place where I can hear that other people relate to me.

If that means some people are offended, so be it.

From what I've seen of life, most people believe their kids are the best, whether they are gifted or not. Every parent looks for the ways their children stand out. If this was a forum about athletically gifted children, there would be some parent discussing how their child stood out from all the "clumsy, uncoordinated children".
I'm sure some parents would find that offensive.

Some people *like* to be offended and that's their problem, not mine.

I mean, really, how dare we talk freely about our gifted children on a gifted forum.
Guess what-- This entire forum is a wonderful place to get support and understanding from other parents who get what raising a gifted child is like. No one is trying to take away your freedom of speech. I don't like to be offended and am not easily offended. Have you considered that there are parents ON THIS forum who have children who are not gifted? It doesn't seem like rocket science to discuss this without comparing kids to inanimate objects, and 99.9% of the time the posters here manage to do sensitively. Val's post made a valid point.