When DD was an infant, it wasn't so much her that looked like an alien creature in public as it was DW and myself. DD was a very easygoing baby overall (apart from the colick in the first three months, and then the aforementioned self-soothing thing) but boredom was the enemy. So she'd be in her baby carrier in the grocery cart, and whoever was pushing the cart would be maintaining a CONSTANT one-way conversation with her. Some of it would be describing what we're doing at that moment, and some of it would be random absurdities, for our own consumption and amusement, because it can be pretty exhausting otherwise.

So yeah, we'd be nattering for the entire trip through the store, and drawing looks the whole way.

DD was really easy when it came to naps. We'd notice the signs that she needed a nap and point this out to her. After a while, she started requesting naps on her own. Once we finished the self-soothing thing she still woke up once a night for feedings, but I (DW sleeps like the dead) had those down to a science to where I only had to be up for a couple of minutes; everything was pre-staged and ready to go.

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