I've just noticed that other children seem to sleep. In public even! Our son was born at 10:30pm and I recall the nurse telling us that we'd get a good night's sleep, since all baby's sleep for a long time after they're born. Well, I believe he was awake the entire first night, sucking desperately on our fingers and anything else he could find. The next morning, one of the nurses said, "Uh, we don't usually recommend this, but you might want to get that kid a soother." Our son wasn't as bad as Cricket2's daughter (wow. that must have been so hard for you!) but it was rough nonetheless. Like Agent99, we weren't able to put him down for many months until we found 'the miracle swing'. This was the only thing we could get him to nap in (until it broke after a year). For the first 6 months of his life, he would only sleep in my arms at night and woke to nurse every 1-3 hours. I didn't get more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep during these first six months, which was difficult as I was trying work at the same time. Naps disappeared altogether shortly after the age of two and at age three, he still doesn't sleep through the night consistently. It's been a struggle. So, we're always amazed when other children nap, sleep or pass out in public! Our son just seems to have trouble shutting off his brain and certainly doesn't want to miss anything.