My son was alert and focused from the get go- kind of intensely examining everything/everyone, and YES, we'd see normally developing babies of the same age and both DH and I would comment later on how 'zoned out, sleepy, or unobservant' the kids were. It just seemed like you could WATCH the synapses firing with our little spit fire, and the other kids were just so...still, relaxed looking.

In response to the cry it out posts- we didn't even go there. I've got a spirited intense extroverted child. That would have been a nightmare. We used the gentler, more gradual approach of the 'BabyWhisperer' Tracy Hogg. It really worked well for us and our child as he was/is persistant and tenacious.

the first 12 mos were a fog for me too. My baby was just different in temperament, his ability to communicate wants and needs early and with vigor, and his motor skills- on his feet early. And people wonder why he is our singlet! LOL