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Beyond way off-topic. There's a snark-fest forum called "Trolls With Wooden Spoons" that's a spin-off of what used to be Mothering dot Commune. I've looked at TWS maybe 3 times. Once when it was too small to check often, once when it came up in a MDC thread. And now, because this thread has so many weird spots, just to see if it showed up. It's not there yet. However, they mocked Mr. W for being accelerated in preschool. And they mocked Davidson Gifted Discussion Forum for having a thread about Gifted Hygine Issues. Obviously, they're just having a little fun.

"Kid does not like to shower? Hates to clean up after himself? GYFTED!"


"Gyfted school. Duh."

Came off of this sub forum called "other boards".

You have to actually make an account there to read the board. But I just wanted you to know a little more about the variety of lurkers reading your posts here. Being online is a little like being on a Reality TV show.

It's not to say we should walk on eggshells for them. Just saying whatever you say really does get spread around the www.

Ugh. They say some really hateful stuff over there. I've seen it. They are like a little nasty clique of jealous / insecure women. I would avoid them like the plague in real life.

There is another one with a bunch of women who think children are disgusting and call moms "moos" and say really revolting things. They take threads from mothering and other places. I've seen them make fun of a mom who had a miscarriage. Truly nasty and I don't read it. I feel so sorry for them.

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