It's a "nasty remark" and mocking or degrading to state a non-judgmental fact that, "All the other babies had these glazed looks." Glazed, defined as "marked by a lack of expression", is a perfect adjective to describe a child that is not alert. Early alertness is a defining trait of gifted children.

There is nothing demeaning in this statement; it's simply a fact. There are no judgements here, just a retelling of my personal experience. I clearly stated in a later post that, "This doesn't make them better, just different."

To assume that I was being "nasty" just proves my point.

Some people want to be offended, and will twist any words said to achieve that effect.

Why assume that others are "looking down on other children for the way that they were born." Why assume anything? Why be so judgmental with such meager knowledge? Why focus that critical eye on others, instead of using it wisely on yourself?

You don't have the ability to accurately judge someone else's feelings/intents/thoughts. You do, however, have the ability to assess yourself and your own feelings. When you feel offended, it means something very relevant and true about yourself. Figure out what that is.

I realize some of the posts on this thread could be seen as insensitive, but I try to hear the message behind the post. I try to give strangers the benefit of the doubt. I really don't see the point in being judgmental or trying to restrict someone's voice (even if it is unpleasant or not what we want to hear).

Be kind, right?
Don't we agree on that?