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ditto this now

So I'm sitting here cooking potatoes in the microwave. Sometimes, when I cook them for a long time (in their skin), they get kind of crispy.

I'm having a hard time optimizing it so that they don't burn, but get as crispy as possible. I don't think there's a good solution to this problem. I just have to accept that they will only ever get a little crispy on their ends before they start burning.

What a coincidence, I'm making potatoes right now too! Only I decided to use the oven instead of the microwave. LOL

Beyond way off-topic.  There's a snark-fest forum called "Trolls With Wooden Spoons" that's a spin-off of what used to be Mothering dot Commune.  I've looked at TWS maybe 3 times.  Once when it was too small to check often, once when it came up in a MDC thread.  And now, because this thread has so many weird spots, just to see if it showed up.  It's not there yet.  However, they mocked Mr. W for being accelerated in preschool.  And they mocked Davidson Gifted Discussion Forum for having a thread about Gifted Hygine Issues.  Obviously, they're just having a little fun.  

"Kid does not like to shower? Hates to clean up after himself?  GYFTED!"


"Gyfted school. Duh."

Came off of this sub forum called "other boards".

You have to actually make an account there to read the board.  But I just wanted you to know a little more about the variety of lurkers reading your posts here.  Being online is a little like being on a Reality TV show. 

It's not to say we should walk on eggshells for them.  Just saying whatever you say really does get spread around the www.

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