"I told DH... you know, maybe the other parents look at our daughter and think she has a dazed look on her face, too. We just think she is alert and there because we are used to her. Maybe no one else notices DD's alertness and thinks their child is the most aware one there..."
-quoting OP

It stands to reason that you'd be more tuned in to your own kid. This is a spin-off of the Infant Alertness thread, right?! It is posted in the preschool, and most of the posters in this thread have the younger kids. The socially appropriate way to make this comparison is endless threads about, "help! My toddler won't stop!". Not, "um, why are the other kids going in slow-mo?". Get some class, folks! (i'm seriously the pot & kettle there.).

My perceptions of same age kids is they're all hooligans since we don't do Sunday School or Preschool my kids socialize at the playground at the mall. I didn't know Zombies could run that fast. Actually, I'm the Zombie and my kids ate my brain.

Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar