Agree with the "walking on eggshells". I am so tired of doing it day in and day out around other parents. Trying to minimize my kids accomplishments/knowledge to not offend someone else. When is it EVER about us parenting gifted kids?? On this board...I had hoped...

That being said I guess we should have been sticking with "my child seemed more alert" and not stated the obvious, being.. If my child is more alert who are they more alert THAN....

I am just very curious to know if there is such a thing as a discussion board for athletic, physically advanced kids would it be just as offensive to say: "My child is just very athletic and coordinated compared to other kids that seem uncoordinated". It just seems anytime it has to do with being advanced physically it is OK, but God forbid we ever talk about smarts..

I certainly would NOT be offended being on a athletic message board reading a statement like that. One would assume in a thread named "Your perception of other kids athletic abilities" the comments would be about just that.

I also would never be on a message board like that because both my sons fall into the clumsy category. And if someone stated that, I couldn't do anything but agree. YES, my kids are uncoordinated and clumsy compared to most other kids their age. It is a fact!

All kids are gifts, all kids have something that makes them special. My initial comment of other kids was not to offend. I am SURE most of those kids I talked about will beat my kids in sports ANY DAY.

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