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[quote=La Texican] In this thread, I don't need to apologize, because my statement should not have been offensive to anyone with a decent vocabulary. Infants do have glazed eyes. I think it's perfectly acceptable to comment on typical development because typical development is perfectly acceptable.

Was it really necessary to make a bunch of posters feel bad about their posts? I don't think it was. I think it was mean-spirited and insulting. If the complaint itself had been polite, sensitive and non-judgmental, then I wouldn't have responded. What can I say? Hypocrisy irritates me.

Aaaaand...it isn't mean-spirited and insulting to say that anyone with a decent vocabulary wouldn't have been offended? That is polite and sensitive? Allrighty then.
I pm'd you, but it's late so you're probably gone. For some reason this quote of what Annette says has my name at the top of it. Her names on the box, but my name's inside it so it looks like I said it.

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