I thought lucounu was being literal. That's why I lol'd because it's funny because it's true. I laughed out loud and my face turned red.

I just googled, "non-gifted kids are sluggish". No scholarly results came up to cite. But a search for "gifted babies are more alert" produced tons of websites. Isn't that the same thing?

I do know what you're saying. I've seen some kids who have not spent as much time being engaging. You can tell because of how they respond when they catch your attention or an adult engages them in front of you. But I would say most other people's kids look like mine. Actually I don't really see sluggish kids because my kids always engage other kids so they always perk up. (I know kids like mine would aggravate the 91ss out of my mom, who prided herself on well-behaved kids ignoring other peoples kids in the store. Jajaja. If you're in line in front of me my kids are gonna peek-a-boo & giggle with your kids.)

I just thought it was interesting that tons of websites say "gifted babies are more alert" but none of them say "non-gifted babies are sluggish". Omg! Now if anyone googles those words they'll end up at this thread. Me and my big mouthed fingers.

Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar