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His math/reading is G4 level but the school does not allow him to move up and he lost interests in the school.
He is struggling because class is too easy and school policy is too strict. there’s no differentiated program.
Have you looked into your State Laws?
Your school policies?
The roundup of advocacy information?
Do you have test scores, etc to support a single subject acceleration (SSA) in math?

Are you able to identify what, specifically, "does not allow him to move up"?
For example... is it something in the State Law?
- the published school policies?
- his performance?
If performance-related, does the school engage in practices which many find to be unfair, unrealistic, or otherwise biased against gifted pupils, such as...
- - require 100% on pre-tests?
- - have differentiated task demands (ask more of him than other students, to earn the same grade/mark/score)?
- - have standards-based grading (have a higher expectation of him than other students and grade according to this subjective expectation rather than according to an objective scale)?
- - etc...

Or are you reflecting disappointment that the school did not recognize that he could already do the work and automatically move him forward to next lessons?

BTW, gam3, although you are new here you may want to take note that this thread is about experiences with the DYS program, and questions about the DYS application. Therefore your statements about your child's public school experience may better be posted to a new thread on that topic... to avoid changing the topic of this thread (hijacking this thread).