Thank you polarbear, MON, Elizabeth and st pauli girl. I should have been more clear in my earlier post - DS goes to a good private school which is very rigorous academically for 1st grade and he gets pull outs to attend LA, Math and Computer programming with 2nd grade. We opted against grade skipping for now. The school is open to discussion on DS's needs and they also have opportunities like science fair, math contests, essay and spelling contests etc where DS can participate inhouse, I think (we are new to this school).
I have an old WPPSI score for DS with FSIQ in the 140s from 2 years ago. It is not a detailed report. We afterschool DS in math and science and he attends enrichment classes and clubs outside of school too.
Money is not the main issue in not getting DS tested - justifying to myself the pricetag of $3500-$4000 for it when there is no pressing need is the issue (these are typical Silicon Valley prices for testing). I plan to call Stanford university which is local to us and see if their testing is any lower in cost.
We don't live too far from the Tahoe/Reno area, so stopping by at Reno once a year for a summit is not a problem.
We have not even thought of college plans yet. But I can see how DYS connections can help in that area. And we already accelerate DS afterschool to meet his needs - detailed testing might give us a better idea on how to handle the acceleration.
And I am sure that my son will enjoy spending time with "his kind of people". So, yeah, I will start being an un-slacker about this.
Thanks for your help!