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needed a psychiatrist instead of challenging work
Please be aware that a person might need or benefit from both; This is not an either-or situation.

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amazed at her transformation
Please be aware that adding the DYS label does not remove any learning differences/disabilities, 2e issues, or social difficulties from every day life. DYS simply offers another potential source of guidance, and possible social interaction (if you move overseas, do you plan to travel to DYS in-person events?).

Well, the psych comment was made very sarcastically. This particular teacher was not supportive. Funny thing - we were seeing a psych for DD at the time the teacher made the comment. The psychologist contacted the teacher to see if she could get the teacher to provide DD with challenging work, and the teacher just ignored the information.

It is ironic that we might be overseas just as we get DYS recognition. We will be in the US every summer, but I have no idea what we will be doing during those summer months. I am, however, looking foward to help from the DYS team. The DD's will be at an American international school so I hope the advice will still be valid!!!