Thanks master! Now I have another question. Our psychologist did not create a full report with either test - she just went over it verbally with us and gave us the score sheet. On the DYS site, it asks for a full report or "if not possible, an explanation". Therefore, I asked our psych. to create full reports for us, but she will charge me an extra $100 (per report I think). So I sent a question to DYS asking if saving $200 is a good enough reason not to have the full report. Here was their reply:

"When considering applications, the review committee makes every attempt to get a picture of the whole child, which is why full reports are preferred. Full reports usually include tester observations and provide considerations that scores alone can not convey. While we can not ask you to spend extra money on a testing report, it would be very helpful to have the tester insights included in the application and may be useful information for you as well. If you feel that you can provide sufficient supporting documentation to aid the committee´┐Żs decision, then you may apply with the report that you have currently."

I don't know what she means by "sufficient supporting documentation". I just have the completed application and the two score sheets, along with the recommendation of course. Should we just go ahead and pay the $200 even though we already got all the info. verbally from our psych? WWYD? Has anyone else only submitted the score sheets instead of full reports?