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This list is not to encourage or discourage testing. When my dd was 6, I felt the same way. Testing will not make a difference in her education so why do it. It wasn't til she was 8. We had her 2E brother tested and were surprised by how much information we had. Hemmed and hawed,and finally got dd tested. It more put a stamp on what we knew rather than offering lots of info, but was worth it's price when it came to advocacy.

I just wanted to second mon's experience with testing. We had never considered testing for our children outside of what was required to get into our school district's gifted programs, then we ran head-on into a 2e wall for my ds in 2nd grade, and once we'd had that full suite of testing (with a tester who explained how the tests inter-related etc), it was such an amazing wealth of info for me as a parent. Whether or not it yields scores at DYS levels, it reveals a lot of info re how your child learns, where relative strengths and weaknesses are etc. It's also been a crucial piece of data for us in advocating for gifted services and accelerated coursework at school.