Really considering applying to the DYS program for my 7yo son, but not entirely convinced yet...
For those that have kids in the program, what is the biggest difference it has made for you and/or your child?

Also, from reading this thread, it seems that my son might be borderline. His GIA is 154 (VCI 142, PRI 145), but because of his WMI 123 and PSI 88, his FSIQ is 135. Seems iffy to me because these WISC-IV numbers are all we have. However, it does say specifically in the full report that he "sacrificed speed for accuracy", so I know that had a lot to do with the lower PSI.
Anyone have knowledge or experience with a similar situation? Similar numbers?

I know we will have to send in a portfolio if we apply. I suppose I have plenty of stuff with him explaining his lego creations, or sitting in the car seat as a toddler rambling about science, and I have independent notebooks he keeps as well. Not sure if a letter from a previous teacher would help. I think his biggest asset is his creativity, so hopefully I can showcase that in the portfolio.

Anyways, the two questions I'm really hoping to have answered are 1. What has made DYS worth it for you? and 2. Does my boy have a shot at getting in.