Thanks George C and Indigo for responding to my inquiry. I am keeping my fingered crossed to see what they say in the next 3 days. My private psychologist that I used refused to calculate the GAI even after I asked after I got the results back. I guess it's something he doesn't do. He did give me a full report with comments that we submitted along with a full load of supporting data for the application. I agree whether we make it or not there is a ton of useful data on this site and articles here that have already been very useful to us. We have managed to navigate / work with our school and have done 2 prior grade accelerations and also have a gifted program in place. But here we are again headed to 4 the grade at 7 yrs and his ITBS and tests show he still performing 2 grades ahead of his peers. I am not looking to place him with 5th graders at 7 yrs old so I am looking for resources and support as I consider homeschooling path next year.