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Hi all. N00b here. Got a question or two.

So, in March my 5yo received the Woodcock-Johnson assessment that's listed under Option 2 of the Davidson criteria. (He's a 2E. This was part of his SpEd re-eval.) Later, another parent mentioned the Davidson program to me. I looked into it, and I see that my son's results qualify him under the Option 2 criteria.

But even though the criteria say I can submit something from Option 1 OR something from Option 2, and I don't need to send any supplementary material if I don't want to, I get the impression that one achievement test may not be sufficient for the DYS deciders. Am I wrong? Can I just send in the full W-J test report and proceed to wait to hear? If not, what else should I include in order to improve my son's chances?

Where do you get the impression that one achievement test may not be sufficient? I think that you can just apply with the one report and worse case scenario Davidson will let you know if they want more. I don't think that you would get an outright rejection if you have qualifying scores. A number of posters on this forum over the years were given a chance to submit supplementary documentation even though the scores fell below the minimum. However, for your peace of mind and to avoid potential delay, you can always send in some supplementary documentation (other 99.9 percentile test scores, writing samples, videos, etc.) if you can gather them quickly, assuming that you are after a quick acceptance.