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After much procrastination, we turned in DS application this month. I'm wondering if anyone knows - can a child be turned down for membership if they have met the minimum scores and the test is valid (full report, qualified professional, within the timeline)? Also, if the committee requires additional information, will that be asked during the month or at the end of the review period (pushing the decision to the following month)? I keep checking my email in case there are more questions. I am not getting an awful lot done this month smile

I believe that an applicant probably can be turned down for membership even if they meet the minimum but that it would be increasing unlikely the further their scores are from the minimum. Why else would it be a minimum and why would Davidson not offer automatic acceptances otherwise? However, I think that it is far more likely that Davidson will request work product samples to bolster/supplement a single set of qualifying test scores than outright reject applicants, even if they are just at the minimum. It would not make sense for you to get any "additional information" request from Davidson until around the time that they issue decisions (near end of month) since the request itself is a decision arrived after reviewing your application. Since the committee would then have to review all your supplementary information in view of your existing application, you will unlikely get a final decision until the next round of decisions. I think that is especially true now since the membership has expanded so much just in the years (~ 4-5) since my first DYS joined.

Disclaimer: Although I have two kids who are DYS members, I am really applying common sense more than anything. However, I am not employed by Davidson or qualified to speak for them so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Good luck and try to forget about the whole thing until the end of June! By the way, both of my DYS received their acceptance emails about five days before the end of the month, around the 25th/26th, but you should hear by the last day certainly.

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