So, I think I will probably wait until my son takes a talent search test next year sometime. He had brief testing to get into a gifted program at Northwestern and it looks like his scores will work for dys too. I wish I had talked more with the tester. She seemed to really want to talk with me about ds scores, tellling me they were unusual and such. However I had my antsy 2yo running around my feet and both kids were tired and hungry! (I was trying to be polite, but I was thinking, "I know, I know,I just needed the score to get into the classes")

So, the testing was brief iq and acheivement tests, which are not the full score we would need.

Also, we are homeschooling now, so don't have to deal with the school anymore. So I don't feel there is any urgency to applying, right?
Unless my sons fine motor problems are going to affect his results later. Are later types of testing more affected by fine motor issues? I can see how having the dys would help with advocating at school, but since we left the school it is probably not so necessary for now. Does that sound about right?