There were two movies, both pretty short. One day DS (then 5) was drawing a detailed anatomical picture in chalk on the driveway. It was based on a torso model he used. He went through a period of time when he was really into anatomy. REALLY into it. The other movie was a short one when he was doing his math thing doing addition/subtraction with different base numbers. We tried to pick moments where he was being himself.

The most helpful thing is the network of support, much like this group. It's not a magic bullet and sometimes I think people think it is. (To some degree I guess I used to think that too.) But there's still the hard work that we do with advocating at the school. (Tomorrow's our next IEP.) But it's validation that (a) you're not crazy--at least not about this--and (b) there are more people in this boat than you might realize. We are still relatively new to the system so we haven't yet used all of the resources offered either.